Research Jobs in Industry

Engineers working on the InCar project

German industry also looks for qualified personnel worldwide. Experienced researchers are primarily in demand in applied research in automotive and mechanical engineering, in the electrical industry and the chemical and pharmaceutical sector. Germany spends roughly 67 billion euros a year on research and development. More than two-thirds of these funds are provided by and used in industry. The car industry alone spent some 20 billion euros on research and development in 2010. The chemical and pharmaceutical industry invested over 8 billion euros and the electrical industry over 11 billion euros. Some 330,000 people work in the R&D sector in industry, including roughly 175,000 as researchers. Qualified international researchers are always welcome here.

Where can I find job vacancies?

  • The Internet offers numerous job exchanges that enable searches for jobs in the fields of research and science. However, no website can be expected to provide a complete overview of the current job market. Here you find a list of selected job portals that can help you to find a suitable job.
  • Vacancies are also advertised on company websites. Here you can search for companies by the research fields: