Research Jobs in Industry

Female researcher inspecting content of a tube

Industrial research establishments are important employers of junior researchers. In addition to institutes at universities and non-university research organisations, they offer attractive jobs in research and development. Highly qualified researchers are required for R&D departments, especially in the automotive, electrical engineering, chemical and mechanical engineering industries. However, interesting prospects for young researchers are not only offered by large corporations such as VW, Audi, Siemens, Daimler and BASF; small and medium-sized businesses – for example, working in the fields of biotechnology, environmental technology or materials research – also make major commitments to research and development.

Where can I find job vacancies?

  • The Internet offers numerous job exchanges that enable searches for jobs in the fields of research and science. However, no website can be expected to provide a complete overview of the current job market. Here you find a list of selected job portals that can help you to find a suitable job. 
  • Vacancies are also advertised on company websites. Here you can search for companies by the research fields: