Networks and Clusters

Researcher in a laboratory.

Over the last few years, the Federal Government has initiated a series of projects which aim to create networks and clusters that promote new technologies. They involve both industrial and academic institutions in their research and development activities.

One key aim of these bodies is to accelerate the process of making new technology products marketable. Networks and clusters are arranged with respect to

  • regional representation
  • research topics
  • specific application areas and future markets

Clusterplattform Deutschland
Clusterplattform Deutschland is a joint information portal of the BMWi and the BMBF. The website offers an overview of support measures and events for research clusters and facilitates access to the individual initiatives.

Example: Innovation Alliance on Lithium-Ion Battery LIB 2015

The Innovation Alliance on Lithium-Ion Battery LIB 2015 consists of some 60 project partners from politics, industry, science and research and is supported by the Federal Government. 15% of the research project is financed by the Federal Government (60 million euros) and 85% by the consortium of BASF, BOSCH, EVONIK, LiTec and Volkswagen (360 million euros). It is an example of how government incentives can advance research and development. The framework of networks and clusters also strengthens the country’s contribution to international research cooperation.

Research Activities

Research activities are conducted in a variety of fields – for example, engineering, biotechnology, energy and environment, chemistry and nanotechnology.

Research Budget

Statistics on the total budget are not available. Public funding is provided as seed capital to form networks and clusters and support research projects on condition that industry and private investors share the financial costs.

Both the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) support these types of associations with different programmes and competitions such as the following:

go-cluster: Exzellent vernetzt!

go-cluster: Exzellent vernetzt!

The “go-cluster: Exzellent vernetzt!” programme currently unites 88 innovation clusters from all regions of Germany. More go-cluster: Exzellent vernetzt!

The Leading Edge Cluster Competition

The Leading Edge Cluster Competition

The Leading-Edge Cluster Competition was launched by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in 2007 as part of the High-Tech Strategy for Germany. A core element of this strategy is building bridges between science and industry. Clusters are constituted by companies, scientific institutions and policymakers. More The Leading Edge Cluster Competition

Entrepreneurial Regions

Entrepreneurial Regions

Entrepreneurial Regions is an innovation initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in eastern Germany. The initiative uses different funding programmes to support regional alliances that develop their core competencies into clusters of a high standard and with a strict market orientation. More Entrepreneurial Regions