Länder Institutions

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The German federal states (“Länder”) act as research funding bodies and operate several research institutes which support state research activities. There are 130 institutes covering a broad range of research areas.

One example is the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW). The co-founder of ZSW, Professor Dr. Werner H. Bloss, has been conducting pioneering research on unconventional energy transformation since the late 1950s. The state of Baden-Württemberg set up ZSW in 1988 as a non-profit foundation bringing together universities, research institutes and companies. One of the key research goals of ZSW is to develop technologies for generating sustainable and climate-friendly electricity. With its approx. 220 staff and 100 student and research assistants ZSW has established itself as one of the key European institutes in its field.

Facts and Figures

  • 130 research organisations
    in 16 German states (“Länder”)

  • approx. 6,300;
    3,100 scientists and researchers (2010, including municipal institutions)

  • 521 million euros
    for R&D: 274 million euros (2010, including municipal institutions)

Research Activities

Research activities are conducted in engineering, the humanities, health research and natural sciences.

Research Budget

Image Research Budget

State institutions that conduct research are primarily state-funded with occasional external funding.