DFG: Emmy Noether Programme

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German Research Foundation (DFG)

Target group



Candidates are expected to have an excellent research project and at least 2 years and up to a maximum of 4 years (medical researchers: up to 6 years) of postdoctoral experience including substantial international research experience; foreign applicants are eligible if they intend to continue their research career in Germany following completion at the end of the funding period.

Programme description

This programme enables outstanding postdocs/junior researchers to rapidly qualify for leading positions in science and research or for a university teaching career by heading an independent junior research group and assuming relevant teaching duties.


Funding for an independent junior research group; includes supervisory salary and covers expenses for staff and consumables necessary to complete the project during the funding period.


Generally 5 years (maximum of 6 years).


Proposals can be submitted at any time.

Further information:

Emmy Noether Programme: www.dfg.de/emmy_noether/en

German Research Foundation (DFG)

German Research Foundation (DFG)

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